Hike for peace of mind.

Hike for peace of mind. Yosemite Valley is crowded…but most hiking trails are not :) of visitors don’t hike…take note of this important fact!

Seven Ways to Become a Better Runner: Keep it consistent, learn proper form, dress the part, fuel right, drink water, have a plan, and cross train! #SelfMagazine

7 Ways to Become a Better Runner

and half marathon training chart definitely for experienced runners though. not someone who just had a baby!

The Amazing Benefits of Stair Climbing for Exercise

Looking for ways to burn a few extra calories, build your strength, or tone your rear end? Stair climbing is a great way to get an excellent aerobic workout, no matter where you are or what your fitness level.

Dieting at the "Cottage"  -   more steps please!

When we get the upstairs going, we should put this up. Now, how to convice my bosses of that?

How to Build Strength to Improve Running Efficiency | Breaking Muscle

Strength training for runners - Clearly marathon running is an endurance event, not a strength sport. For a marathoner, what advantage is it to be able to lift more weight? As it turns out, it can actually be a significant benefit.

3 Stair-Climbing Workouts to Boost Your Fitness

3 Stair-Climbing Workouts to Boost Your Fitness


Improve Your Uphill Running Form Today: 3 tips for getting faster and more efficient at running up hills.

Frankie Harrer - The Surfer Girl Diet

The Surfer-Girl Diet

Härliga promenader längs med havet

Skepparholmen - Spa- och konferenshotell i Stockholm