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I don't know how many times I've pinned this gif, but I'll never get over it tbh

[gif] louis and harry being super sweet bless<<< these are the vamps

So, Harry and Louis are doing this thing since last year. It’s called “oops, hi, we should not touch, hahahaha”. They are hilarious, they are all giddy afterwards and smiling like loons. Here are some gifs from TMH tour, they are bumping into each other and Louis is even mimicking it later:

I miss Louis' and Harry's close friendship so much. I fucking hate the person who came between them. Fuck you and fuck modest.


"Tiny Louis is so smol, confirmed by Harry Styles*did another animation! This time 8 frames I think? And this time I cleaned up a bit.

Family outing

‘Family outing’ iPhone Case/Skin by Radadusta

Look! Harry is confused and so is Louis! And Katy is just smiling and being all cutesy. Omg I love her.

✖️❤️✖️ I love that Niall is laughing in the background and Katy has a huge smile

LOUIS I SEE YOU PLS STOPPPPPPPPPPP OMGGGGGG>>> Okay but talking and felt Lou touch him and he just .....

"you're so small." as if to prove his point, louis squeezed harry tig… Fanfiction

And thats what makes you beautiful

5 long years Harry and Louis have been together. They both… Fanfiction