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Thus is a great depiction of how micro evolution can become macro evolution due to a creatures environment.

Pterosaurs Identification Chart

Dinosaur ( kinda the biggest ( bird LIKE creature / or bat like flying creature…

could be so awesome if done right.  could make it less threatening for a little one :)

I chose this dinosaur bed for my kid's room because it is really cool! I think that my future kids will really like this idea for a bed.

The Protoceratops ("first-horned face") was first discovered in 1922. It was also the first discovery of dinosaur eggs, and the discovery made news everywhere.

Protoceratops means "first-horned face" and it is one of the most well-known. Learn about Protoceratops, Late Cretaceous era and dinosaurs of all eras.

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Tyrannosaurus rex : The first specimen (a partial vertebra) was establish by Edward Cope in 1892 and was described as Manospondylus gigas. It was assigned to Tyrannosaurus rex in 1912 by Henry Osborn.