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Ayotha Tshabalala

Ayotha Tshabalala
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Freaks, Onions, and Paradoxes: Life as an INTJ Female - Living Unabridged

I am an INFJ - but I can relate a lil. Per pinner:INTJ approached from a frustrated point of view.hehe, I usuallyyyy have more tact than this INTJ, but seriously, do not hug me.

INTJ Traits Some are accurate, while some aren't.

Actually, I'm just adding this picture to show the world the despicable cliche of the robot-like INTJ who don't have feelings.

True. Except #5 which is inaccurate. Lol. I only point this fact out because I am an INTJ and all... #intj

Definitely & also & yes all right, all 10 appear applicable. BTW, there's no 8 is likely 'pays close attention to small seemingly insignificant detail' & intentionally left off to make an INTJ point it out.

Sadly, most people seem to get stuck on their impressions and fail to look beyond for what else may be going on.

Just keep walking, and don't bother with the "once you scratch the surface" part. Unless you are in my intimate circle, it matters not to me what you think or what you believe 'cuz you're just joe public at that point. The rest is just plain true though.