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35 Best Hilarious Jokes to Make Your Friends Roll in Laughter

Making Fun of the Batman. Batman is so easy to laugh at. even if he is an awesome superhero! is so funny XD pics) (check out all photos)

Best Friends 5 | Live Life Without Regrets

So glad I have a few of friends like this. you know who you are ;) True Friends im glad I found u girl I couldn't face life. Without a bestie luv u Tiffany

The famed brownie recipe from Baked NYC. Every bit as delicious as Oprah and Americas Test Kitchens claim it to be!

he famed Baked brownie. Oprah says it’s one of her favorite things. America’s Test Kitchens says its their favorite brownie. I don’t put much stock in Oprah, but America’s Test Kitchens are pretty much like the bible when it comes to all things kitchen.