West Coast Flower Power

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Spring begins somewhere between August and September in Namaqualand, Cape Town

*Namaqualand in Spring (September - October). After the first rains, the desert is covered in a colourful carpet of blossoms. - Another gem in the crown of South African Beauty*

Namaqualand daisies, Northern Cape. South Africa.

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Photographer Francois Visser capturing the ever well known flowering desert of Namaqualand in South Africa Credit: Between 10 and 5

A wonderfully illustrated African tale, some saturated images of Namaqualand during flower season and a whole lot of new music.

Sparaxis elegans

Sparaxis elegans - this will never cut it in zone but i'll work on replicating the color scheme at least

gorgeous South Africa - Namakwaland flowers after the rain

gorgeous South Africa - Namakwaland flowers after the rain


With its electric color scheme, this rare South American flower, known as Geissorhiza Radians, is like a living Warhol print.