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Priestess Pentacle Circlet wiccan jewelry crown by Sheekydoodle

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Brides Handfastings Weddings:  Understanding #Handfasting.

Brides Handfastings Weddings: Understanding We had this done at the blessing of our marriage, I love this, its so cool.

Brides Handfastings Weddings:  #Handfasting Celebrations.

Brides Handfastings Weddings: I dont know about jumping the broom. But I definitely would like searching for things from the elements

Working with purple Crystals

Sapphire Gemstones Crystals Stones: MBSC ~ Working with Purple Crystals. How many thumbs up to this?

The magic of Rose Quartz

Discover the Rose Quartz stone meaning, healing properties, spiritual meaning and more to see if Rose Quartz crystal is the right stone for you!