Melktert, or Milk Tart

South African melktert (milk tart) revisited

international baking sweet tart for sunday lunch Another of our favorite South African treats. Milk tart is sort of like what in America is called a sugar cream pie, but I think it's lighter and has a more delicate flavor.

Malva Pudding with Amarula Whipped Cream

In South Africa, I tried quite a few versions of Malva Pudding. It's a sweet, spongy cake made with apricot jam and soaked in a caramel .

Red Wine Poached Pears

Poached pears and red wine jelly recipe

Step-by-step: Dan Lepard guides you through how to make perfect poached pears and red wine jelly

Balsamic Braai Onions

Use this tasty vegetarian recipe at your next braai and you will be instantly known as a braai boss. Season with Robertsons herbs and spices.

Snoekpate, or Snook Pate

Snoek pate: Pate made with a South African fish called 'snoek' (in Australia they call it barracuta), cottage cheese and spices.


Koeksister (pronounced cook-sister) comes from the Dutch word koekje, the diminutive of koek meaning “cake”. It is a South-African syrup-coated doughnut in a twisted shape.

Rooibos & Honey Poached Pears

And served with homemade cinnamon whipped cream? Rooibos is a red tea that's grown in South Africa.

Granadilla Custard Tart

Passion fruit in America, or granadilla in South Africa. Either way, what a sinfully delicious fruit. Since returning from South Afric.

Koeksisters (Two Ways)

Koeksisters: one of the sweetest, gooiest, and chilliest treats from South Africa (the Western Cape , in particular). Essentially a smal.

Denning Vleis (thank you, Biesmiellah, for introducing this delicious dish to me (and its sweet tamarind flavor).

Denningvleis, a delicious Cape Malay lamb stew flavoured with tamarind or lemon juice, bay leaves and spices to give an exciting sweet-sour flavour…

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