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DIY FLY TRAP! Gross, but it works!
Difficulty: Easy Things needed: • Mason jar • Drill Bit (Optional to drill holes) • Syrup • Hot Dogs!
Honey is the best feed for honey bees
Never take a first year hives honey! Always leave them their honey for winter. It is not a good idea to rely on feeding bees sugar after you stole too much of their honey! Sometimes they eat all their stores and you must feed sugar but try to keep in mind • the seasons • the bloom • how cold and long winter is • how heavy should you hive be to make it through winter? • remember too much sugar feeding can shorten a bees life! • Subscribe to my Youtube channel • https://youtu.be/i2q5s6_O6EA #beekeeping • #bees • #honeybees • #beekeeper
التخلص من الذبان. How to get rid of flies
التخلص من الذبان. How to get rid of flies
Thumb Cutter Knife
Thumb Cutter Knife, Finger Protector Silicone Thumb Knife Protector Gears Cutting Vegetable Harvesting Knife Pinching Plant Blade Scissors Gloves https://www.bravogoods.com/product/thumb-cutter-knife/ #fingerprotection #fingerprotector #knife #thumbknife #plant #vegetable #vegetablegarden #vegetableblade #plantblade #bravogoods #joopzy