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the diagram shows how to make wooden blocks
four wooden buttons are attached to the strings on a boat's rig, with other metal objects in the background
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a close up of a wooden toy train with wheels and knobs on the front
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an advertisement for long - term eyeglasses with arrows pointing to the right and left
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the diagram shows parts of a door handle
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Crossword Puzzle, Google Images, Porter
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there is a piece of wire on the wall
Movie version Surprise by Johncal - HMS Surprise Member Build Diaries
a heart hanging from a rope on top of a wooden table
Fiber Rope Tied around a Triangular, Wooden Deadeyes | ClipPix ETC: Educational Photos for Students and Teachers
several ropes are attached to the side of a boat with two black wheels on it
La Charente-Maritime. IMG130619_096_©_S.D/S.I.P_FR_JPG Compression.
several ropes hanging from the side of a boat
Ropes Tied to Wood | ClipPix ETC: Educational Photos for Students and Teachers
the different types of wind chimes are shown in black and white, with arrows pointing up
an image of a wire fence
Rigging Tips for Building a Model Ship | Modelers Central