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I'd love to yell this at a few people!!!!

hey trump this one's for you . go fuck yourself. from me a Nasty Woman

perhaps, the problem is not the intensity of your love, but the quality of the people you are loving. -Warsan Shire

Warsan Shire, one of my favourite poets. This observation is truly one to consider. In your heart you already have your answer.

That's the problem with putting others first, you've taught them you come second.

" That's the problem with putting others first ; you've taught them you come second . " - read that , again . things i need to beat into my brain

I think we were meant to be but we did it wrong.

Sometimes the people meant to be together, when they finally find each other after a lifetime of loneliness with other people, just have to take it as it comes and there is no chance to do it all perfectly.

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Waiting for you to call, for another voicemail saying, "Hey Panda, it's Me." But I'm going to be waiting for a long long time. I miss you, Mom.

True DopeNess

Lair- He doesn't realize that every time he lies, he's committing suicide in front of me. He's killing everything I see in him. If only he could honest be, because God knows I hate to watch him bleed.


It’s the pain of losing them. The pain of watching them love someone else. The pain of realising you’ll never be together. There’s something so awful in the realisation that you’re never going to have.