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two people with masks on their faces and one has his mouth open to the camera
Paper Mache Recipes, Masks & Projects | Paper Sculpture Ideas
a white figurine sitting on top of a piece of paper
The Reflective One | Unglazed Stoneware Sculpture | by Kähler
PRODUCT INFORMATION The Reflective One is one of five characters from the collaboration between sculptor Maleke Bjelke and Kähler, each with their own narrative and personality traits, designed as people in different places in life. The Reflective One creates a space for reflection and reminds us to take the time to think about life and what is happening in the world around us, while providing a respite to think about others and ourselves in a busy day. Maleke Bjelke is a Danish sculptor whose w
four pictures of people are shown in black and white, each with their own image
Printmaking Idea - Self portraits with a black and white copy of personal collage in the background. I like the faded look of it too... copy at 50% contrast
a woman's face is shown through the torn up corrugated sheeting on a wall
Discard(Board) Portraits • Recyclart
These portraits are made from cardboard on its way to the dumpster! ++ More information at Liz Laribee: Recovering/Uncovering website and ETSY Shop ! Idea
some paper cut outs with different faces on them
3D faces
children activities, more than 2000 coloring pages & art faces
instructions for how to draw a ketch - haring figure with pictures and text
How to draw a keith haring figure