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31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas: instead of a kids table include a small bucket of crayons and coloring books on each table, with a sign that says "for kids and adults who love to color". Or something similar to that phrase:) kids area, let them be free!

Beautiful Craft | DIY & Crafts Tutorials. It does not have to be all flowers, it can be squares, stripes, one color, dots or ANYTHING! Up to you.

Towel storage made of decoupaged tin cans - Fashion, crafts and more (Love this idea. Not sold on using as towel holders; maybe utensils in kitchen or misc.

South African Recipes | BANANA SALAD

South African also goes with curry stew Recipes

Cookie keeper

Make a giftbox

South African Recipes | CURRY PASTA SALAD

South African Recipes | CURRY PASTA SALAD

South African Recipes | YELLOW RICE

South African Recipes | YELLOW RICE

Biltong Pasta Potjie Recipe

A traditional African pot - famous for preparing ''potjiekos''

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5 Stunning Muslim Wedding Dresses for 2017 - We are living on a planet full of diversity in almost everything; human beings differ in many aspects. Diversity is good as long as combined with libe.