caramel milktart - my husband wants me to make this for him. A twist on our traditional milktart (huisgenoot wenresepte)

Crème Brûlêe in 5 minute

Crème Brûlêe in 5 minutes -- Whisk cream until stiff. Fold winkelvla cream (pre-made custard). Pour into ramekin dishes. Sprinkle 15 ml brown sugar on top. Use a blow torch and burn the sugar until caramelised. Let stand about 1 minute until t

Crustless milk tart

Crustless milk tart – Without the crust, this delicious tart is one of the most low in fat desserts you can get!

Melktert met smeerkors

Maak terte Bereiding: 30 minute Gaarmaaktyd: minute Kors 125 ml k) botter 125 ml.

Ouma se Soet Broskors Melktert | Boerekos.com – Kook met Nostalgie

This is a legendary Melktert (Milk Tart) Recipe, the one "Ouma" used to make and the recipe used by millions around the world the original, the one and only and best. LEKKER and YUMMY guaranteed!

Maggie Olivier se Vlaskywe - dieselfde as Rens sin

1 cup sugar 125 ml custard powder Mix the sugar and custard powder. Add 1 liter milk and mix well. Add butter and 20 ml vanilla essence, microwave for 10 min on high. Whisk the mixture every 2 minutes with a metal whisk.

Ideal Melk Sjokolade-koek | Boerekos.com – Kook met Nostalgie

Absoluut verslawend ~ Ideal Melk Sjokolade-koek besluit self, koek of poeding Bestanddele Koek 375 ml Meel 250 ml Melk 250 ml Suiker 2 ml Sout 10 ml Bakpoeier 125 ml Olie 60 ml Kakao 125 ml Kookwat…


Lemon Cheesecake: This delicious tangy cheesecake topped with melt-in-your-mouth meringue is one of our all-time favourite YOU recipes.

Maklike malvalekker-tert

Maklike malvalekker-tert