Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria / Tswane, SA: Jacaranda city where the streets are lined with more than 15000 fully grown jacaranda trees that turn the streets of the older parts of the city purple in October.

old South African coins

South African coins from back in the day.the coins of my childhood. You could buy Chappies Bubblegum with the half-penny piece


Chongololo, or in English a giant millipede. these things give me the heebie-jeebies!


Spotted at the airport in Johannesburg: Biltong! Similar to jerky, this South African dried meat snack comes in beef, ostrich, kudu (venison) and other big.

The National Museum of Natural History, Pretoria - toen nog Transvaal museum

The National Museum of Natural History, Pretoria, South AfricaThe Ditsong National Museum of Natural History formerly known as the Transvaal Museum was founded as the Staatsmuseum of the ZAR on the of December 1892