Ashton Aqueber

Ashton Aqueber

Ashton Aqueber
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April Greiman | Pacific Wave, Fortuny Museum, 1989

April Greiman Biography - April Greiman is an influential contemporary American graphic designer. Her innovative ideas and transmedia projects have taken the world by storm. She is

April Greiman Posters : Made in Space shop 87

April Greiman (Graphic Designer), Made in Space Shop Poster,

self portraits as poster art or magazine covers -- use with language arts unit and include student writing -- (good for typography and graphic design using digital media) -- April Greiman & Jayme Ogden

Wet magazine: 'WET: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing, also known as WET Magazine, or simply WET, was originally published between in Venice, California by Leonard Koren.' Image: Obsession photograph by Jules Bates

April Greiman, 1991

This collage includes the classic postmodernist stair-stepping motifs, overlapping shapes, textures and decorative rules