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How to Elicit the r Sound

How to Elicit (Teach) the /r/ Sound {Part One: Elicitation Techniques}- Pinned by – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Tricks to Teaching the /r/ Sound

This website gives great detail on multiple ways of eliciting the /r/ speech sound through Play-Doh, suckers, and the mighty mouth!

My Tricks to Teaching the /r/ Sound - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please visit for all (hundreds of) our pediatric therapy pins

Playing with words 365 expanding children's speech and language skills one day at a time

Magnificent Jaguar

Magnificent Jaguar


The Solar Eclipse from Space. This is by far the most amazing image you’ll see all week. While we did see some great images of Sunday’s ring of fire eclipse from Earth, nothing can match this amazing shot taken from space.