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Ashraya Govender
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They should make a movie with all these characters combined along with Elsa

Elsa versions, my favourites are Aqua, Terra, and Explosia.

Kokeshis o ...... Princesas

Disney ladies as kokeshi dolls? Love it! I've always wanted a kokeshi doll tattoo and this just makes it better.

When your best friend understands exactly what to do in that moment

Aladdin and Rapunzel. Also, notice how 'Aladdin' is the only movie named after the PRINCE, rather than the princess? Jasmine and Rapunzel, and Aladdin and that guy from Tangled.

Pocket Princesses

Top 10 Artist Recreations of Disney Princesses- Pocket Princesses

Disney heros being smart

7 Disney Scenes That TOTALLY Should Have Happened. Snow White and her epic shades are the best.

@alldisneyprincesses Modern hairI spe...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Candace and brinley. Candace is 14 and brinley is Brinley has weather powers.<<< im pretty sure thats anna and elsa in modern day clothes

Cinderella Castle 2 Watercolor Art - VIVIDEDITIONS I want to make a collage with these water colors for Claire's room!

l’infographie du jour : l’évolution de la personnalité des princesses disney...

The Evolution of Disney Princesses Xoxo F

Joey's Art Blog

All of the Disney princesses as mermaids!(except Ariel ironically as she is the only actual mermaid)

Disney-Inspired Designer Shoes, by Griz and Norm Lemay

Disney-Inspired Designer Shoes, by Griz and Norm Lemay,more princess shoes!