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a black and white drawing of the letter k with stars in the sky behind it
Handwritten Letters make my heart go pitter patter
the stamps are designed to look like different shapes and sizes, but have been drawn on paper
several different types of gardening gloves on display
inst: tokillmefckk
a poster with flowers and the words yeah, rhya
Posters from 2021 by Quim Marin Studio
an assortment of brochures are displayed on a white surface with green light in the background
Hanna Karraby’s narrative-driven designs delve into her experience as part of the Iranian American diaspora
an image of a website page with words written in red and black on the front
Web design
Web design
a metal object that is shaped like a flower with two petals on each side and one in the middle
an advertisement for baby it's you featuring two models
there is a collage with the words sleeping time on it
an open window with the words'all these open windows, but no fresh air '
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a poster with the words self - publishing and numbers in green, black and white
Self—Publishing Almanacco di quartiere
Self—Publishing Almanacco di quartiere on Behance