Looking up from under

Ceiling mural in a smoking lounge. hahah all smoking lounges should have this

Water Melon shoes by Vladimir Tretchikoff

For wallpaper contest. [link] Based off her "Watermelon Heels" [link] Watermelon Heels Wallpaper

Amos Langdown

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The Crucifixion by Dali

Glasgow's Salvador Dali painting of Christ's crucifixtion at centre of copyright battle - Telegraph

Salvador Dali

Spanish La Hora - Spanish time worksheets, lesson plans, Powerpoint presentations and more.

Pieter van Heerden

Pieter van Heerden

The original

South African President Jacob Zuma is a Zulu. He never completed grade school and became president despite having hundreds of outstanding corruption charges against him.

The inspiration or Mr Murray

The inspiration or Mr Murray

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