State of Art Collection

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Competiton Stage
Art Stone Exclusive
a woman in a black leotard is posing with her arms up and legs spread out
Color is a power
"Color is a power which directly influences the soul." — Wassily Kandinsky 🎨
the state of art collection is featured in this advert for ballet magazine, which features an image of a woman with her hands on her head
Exquisite detailing
"Exquisite detailing makes our Endless Embellishment collection an immersive, sensory experience! Find exclusive costume styles like this in our brand new 'State of ART' costume catalog! Model: @chloe_joelle_hally Style: 33400"
an image of a woman dancing in sequins and high heels on the cover of state of art collection
Big Energy
"Find this and more gorgeous new styles in our 2023 'State of Art' Collection! Style: 33600 Dancer: @ava.lieber"
the state of art collection is featured in this ad for fashion magazine, state of art
Jazz Up
Jazz up your look this competition season with our one-of-a-kind costume styles. Our new collection is here and ready for you to explore!
It's truly one of a kind!
Blue Bird
Shade of blue
a woman in black and white poses for a photo shoot with her legs spread out
Out of this world
"We have a ""Premonition"" that your 2023 performances will be out of this world! Shop our brand new 'State of Art' digital catalog for breathtaking styles just like this Style: 33616 Dancer: @hailey_dancer5678"
the state of art collection is featured in black and red
Work of Art
Each costume in our 2023 collection is a work of art that can be styled to suit your performance vision! Style: 30514 Dancer: @lillynugnes
Le Jardin
Behind the scene
Elegance Collection