Tracey Armstrong

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Johannesburg, South Africa  ·  A passion for painting African people & wildlife. Africa has an energy unmatched by any other place & Tracey’s art captures this energy with elegance & serenity
Tracey Armstrong
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African Tribes, Africans, Artworks, Art Pieces

African Tribes

African Tribes

African Tribes

African Tribes, Roots, Africans

A commission painting to match with client's Masai Warrior Triptych

African Tribes, Warriors, Art Ideas

Patterned Masai Triptych by Tracey Armstrong

Zulu Ladies of South Africa

African Tribes, Art Ideas

African Tribes, Zulu, Art Ideas, Zulu Language

African Tribes, Roads, Road Trips, Art Ideas, Road Routes

Cheetahs, Wildlife, Racing, African, Artworks, Auto Racing, Art Pieces, Lace

Wild Dogs, Africans, Wildlife, Artworks, Art Pieces

Wildlife, African, Artworks, Art Pieces