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green leaves growing on the side of a pink fence
pink gate and green ivy
an acrylic painting of three women with the word aka in green and pink
AKA art by Ashley Andrews
a pink and green pattern with white letters on it
Free AKA Smartphone Wallpaper
a person holding up a green plate with flowers on it in front of a television
AKA Plate/m irrior bethany
a green wreath with the number 909 on it and pink ribbon in front of white letters
AKA sorority wreath by DecorableByBeverlee
a pink and green ornamental design with the letter k on it's center surrounded by smaller white dots
an animal print chair with a name tag attached to it and a green ribbon around the neck
Alpha Kappa Alpha paddle
a green and pink plate with an image of a leaf on it's side
AKA painted ceramic plate
the letters are made with acrylic paint and decorated with flowers, leaves, and vines
Alpha Kappa Alpha originals SJ Hall
Beads, Bead Jewellery, Preppy Style, Green Necklace, Bead Jewelry, Beaded Necklace, Green Jewelry
Pink and green necklace | Etsy
a pink photo frame with green letters and a smiling woman's face in the center
Alpha Kappa Alpha Mascot Picture Frame
Alpha Kappa Alpha Mascot Color Picture Frame
three pink spoons with black women on them sitting in front of some cards and plates
a green scarf with the letters aka printed on it and a pink letter in the middle
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Graduation Stoles and Gifts
Alpha Kappa Alpha Greek Lettered Graduation Sash Stole
a patch of pink paper sitting in the middle of green leaves on top of plants
Pink and Green IVY
a painting of a woman in pink and green with the words aka on it
a number two sign hanging from the ceiling next to plastic bins and other items
a pink and green box with black letters on the top that says,'i love you
a pink and green paper bag sitting on top of a wooden table
two pink and green signs sitting on top of a table next to a remote control
an animal print chair with a name tag attached to it and a green ribbon around the neck
Alpha Kappa Alpha paddle
a pink luggage tag with the number 31 on it
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Alpha Kappa Alpha Cardigan Sweater Paddle - Rock Bottom Creationz Sorority Crafts, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Gifts, Sorority Gifts, Sorority Ideas
Alpha Kappa Alpha Cardigan Sweater Paddle - Regular