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A celebration of a new spirit and creative energy that can be found in South Africa. Showcasing the best of African design
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Made in the South Africa by a group of Xhosa women potters the artists create highly sought after and collectable ceramic pieces. These award winning pieces are to be found in homes, offices and galleries around the world. Their signature product, the Bambanani Bowl, is a ceramic bowl with a circle of female figures holding hands around the rim of the bowl. The concept behind the bowl is the spirit of Ubuntu .

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These contemporary African animal trophy heads, come to you cruelty free. Hand made by a team of Zimbabwean artisans, each head is sculpted from thick galvanised wire.

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These visionary designs are achieved by collaboratively working with skilled artisans who fuse conventional African weaving techniques with contemporary telephone wire. These striking designs have been honoured in exhibitions and museums.

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