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Often I am so inspired by my surroundings or a picture that I see, that I can not help but to sit down and draw or paint it. This is a collection of those times.

Marietjie Uys
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Paint A Fantasy Tree In Acrylics

I recently came across a very similar fantastical tree on Pinterest and decided that I would like to borrow the idea and paint it myself. I show you how to go about it step by step in today's blog. I use acrylics as medium for this project. I found some discarded paintings on the rubbish heap of the school where I am teaching. Upon inquiry, I discovered that the pupils had moved out of the school and left their art behind. It was thrown out in a clean-up spree. I retrieved these canvasses to…

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Cardmaking with Watercolour Paintings

I had quite a bit of time on my hands at work recently and spent a part of it in giving some of my colleagues painting tips. We all settled on watercolours as these are relatively cheap to purchase and easy to carry to and fro. In the process, I ended up with a large number of watercolour paintings that I had not intended to do. As a result, I decided to turn these into cards. I show you how to do this in today's blog. Find coordinating paper and cardboard to make the card. Fold the…

Encapsulated In Love Painted In Acrylics Love Painting, Acrylics, Landscapes, Arts And Crafts, Author, Pretty, Artist, Blog, Pictures

Encapsulated In Love Painted In Acrylics

In a world that is grey and begging for conformity, it takes a strong person to stick to their principles of being true to themselves. It is only when we truly love ourselves that we can dare to live true to our own selves in this uniform world. In today's painting I reflect these sentiments by using trees in my illustration. I use acrylics as medium. I start on a a deep-frame masonite box. I prepare the surface by giving it two coats of gesso. Once the gesso is completely dry, I can start…

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In Studio - Learning the Basics of Oil Colour Painting

I recently presented a workshop in learning the basics of oil colour painting to a small class who was brand new to oils, never having tried their hand at the medium before. I took photos of the process and share the step by step process with you in today's blog. We paint a receding mountain range. I start on a 18" x 24" (45cm x 60cm) stretched canvas that has already been primed with gesso. I use a round brush to sketch my picture roughly in Burnt Umber. The canvas is a Pro Art Canvas. I…

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Landscape In Oil Colours

I use every opportunity to travel as an equal opportunity to take photos of the myriads of interesting and beautiful places in the world. When I recently got to travel the Northern and Western Capes, it was no different. Finding subject matter to paint, was not difficult. What was difficult, was deciding where to start. In today's blog I show you how to convert your stunning photos into interesting paintings. I will be painting this landscape on masonite board, as I want it to be much wider…

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Watercolours: Lonely Pine Trees

In today's blog I show you how to quickly and effortlessly paint some pine trees. I also do a colour wash for the background and show you how to select particular brushes for particular tasks. The medium we are working in is watercolours. Start with a medium sized round brush and wet your whole background with water. Wash the top 2/3 of the page with blue paint, and the bottom third with brown. Do not worry about the leaking that takes place on the horizon. Stand a small round brush on its…

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Paint A Simplified Landscape In Inktense & Oils

Today's painting is a very simple interpretation of an agricultural landscape, yet it is visually very appealing as the simplicity of the painting forces you to linger longer in the scene, in an attempt to make sense of it. The underpainting is done with Derwent Inktense and this is then followed up with oil colours. Some scgraffitto in the wet paint puts the finishing touches on the painting. This is a good place to start if you are new to painting and/or landscapes. I do today's painting…

Ink and watercolor on paper. A3 size. This painting was inspired by a photo posted on the internet. I added some of my own elements and adjusted the setting to my satisfaction. R200 A3 Size, Landscapes, Internet, Watercolor, Ink, Inspired, Paper, Movie Posters, Pictures

Ink and watercolor on paper. A3 size. This painting was inspired by a photo posted on the internet. I added some of my own elements and adjusted the setting to my satisfaction. R200

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Watercolours Landscape

I was simply passing the time during the last days of school last year, when I decided to take my watercolours along. This soon turned into a fun activity with the some of my colleagues joining in. One of the simple paintings I did, was a watercolour landscape. I show you how easy this is to do in today's blog. The landscape I painted at school had pine trees in it. The pines were painted in the same manner as the ones I painted in the previous blog I did, where I showed you how to paint a…

I wish to share a poem with you today that was developed to be a song. Yet, I have never gotten around to composing a melody for it. Impressionist Landscape, Arts And Crafts, God, Pretty, Artist, Landscapes, Pictures, Painting, Dios

Paint An Impressionist Landscape in Oils

In today's blog I show you step by step how to paint an impressionist landscape in oils. This time we use a slightly different technique than what we've been doing up to now. After applying the oil to the surface with a palette knife, we get our hands into the thick oily paste and use our fingers to blend the colours. You will either hate this, or love it. I LOVE it! I start by preparing the surface of a Masonite board with Dala Acrylic Gesso. This is left to dry completely. The board…

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Paint A Sunrise In Oils

Sunrises tend to have brighter colours than the more muted sunsets. In today's blog, I show you how to paint a bright sunrise using mainly blue and orange. The painting was inspired by the Botswana vegetation of my surroundings. This painting is done on a sheet of canvas torn from a Prime Art Canvas Pad. The canvas sheet has already been primed to accept paint. I start by covering the whole painting in Raw Linseed Oil. I then paint both the sky, and its reflection in the water in Cadmium…

Recognizing Your Own Voice In Art The Voice, Landscapes, Arts And Crafts, Pretty, Artist, Blog, Pictures, Painting, Inspiration

Recognizing Your Own Voice In Art

One of the things that I enjoy most about art, is the fact that it is so comprehensive and widely diverse. I find it thrilling to experiment with different styles, mediums and art movements. I believe all artists should do this to challenge themselves and to keep growing and developing as artists. Often, when trying out new things, you will find yourself understanding other artists and their art better. Simply working through the process, is enlightening in itself. This practice will also…

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Mix An Alternative Black To Paint A Sunset In Oils

Having shown you how to paint a bright sunrise in a previous blog, I thought it would be a good idea to paint a sunset as well. With the light coming from behind the vegetation, the foreground of a sunset often appears as dark silhouettes against the bright light behind it. The obvious solution is to paint the foreground in black. However, black can easily seem dull and lifeless. That is why I mix an alternative black to paint today's sunset, allowing the silhouettes to sparkle and have a…