Samoosa Pur (Pastry) Recipe | Ingredients    3 cups of flour  Cold water  Pinch of salt  1 teaspoon of lemon juice  12 teaspoons of ghee (clarified butter) *

South African Indian Samoosa - chicken, lamb or mutton mince are more popular meat fillings for samoosas in South Africa. Pork, beef or soya mince can be substituted for the mince. The filling recipe is different for potato samoosas.

YUMMY TUMMY: Spicy & Crispy Lamb Chops Recipe

Spicy & Crispy Lamb Chops Recipe

Spicy Lamb Chops, this is a chef damu& recipe, i found this in his cookbook and instantly loved it. It is not only easy to make, but ta.

Moong Urad Dal Vada Recipe, How to make Moong Urad Dal Vada Recipe

Mix dal vada recipe | urad dal moong dal vada

Moong Urad Dal Vada Recipe with Step by Step Photos. Learn how to make Moong Urad Dal Vadas at home. The term vadas are used in South India, whereas in the North they are known as pakoras.

namak pare - tasty and easy to make snack recipe  #indianfood #food #recipes…

Namak pare - tasty North Indian style tea time snack made with maida, rava, pepper powder, ajwain.

papdi chaat recipe, how to make papdi chaat recipe | chaat recipes

Delhi papdi chaat

delhi papri chaat recipe with step by step photos. to make healthy papdi chaat use baked papdis and not fried papdis.

poori bhaji recipe puri bhaji gravy

Puri Bhaji Gravy Recipe (Poori Bhaji for Breakfast)

puri bhaji gravy recipe - delicious north indian breakfast recipe of poori bhaji. a flaky deep fried indian bread served with spicy potato curry.

House Mom @ Work: Mini Sweet Corn and Cheese Samosa

Indian food with step by step pictures.

how to make khoya or mawa, homemade khoya or mawa recipe

Khoya recipe | mawa

khoya or mawa recipe - step by step post on how to make khoya in the traditional way. khoya is dried evaporated milk solids. the milk is slowly simmered in a large iron kadai, till all

Baked Papdi Recipe

Baked Papdi

Baked Papdi Recipe

rajgira ladoo nutrition, rajgira ladoo recipe in marathi, rajgira ladoo benefits, ladoo nutrition, Health Benefits of Rajgira/Amaranth, Swad Rajgira Ladoo

Learn to cook good food - Lessons for food lovers

chakli recipe, how to make instant chakli recipe | stepwise

Instant chakli

instant chakli recipe - crisp and crunchy chaklis for diwali. chakli or chakri are made as a part of the diwali faraal (diwali snacks & sweets) in maharashtra and gujarat.