Earth 2 #19

Earth 2 - The Dark Age Pt. The hordes of Apokalips are unleashed upon the Earth once more but Batman thinks he knows someone who can stop Superman.

Earth 2 #24

Aquawoman leads Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and The Flash to battle The Beguiler in the middle of the ocean.

Earth 2 #23

Earth 2 - The Kryptonian Pt. The Red Tornado (Lois Lane) tries to reason with the zealot Superman.

Earth 2 #15.2

Earth 2 - Solomon Grundy Virgin Cover (Cover Artists: Ken Lashley) On Sale:

Earth 2 #12

The drums of war begin to sound as the heroes of Earth 2 rally behind Dr. Fate--and a threat from Apokolips becomes all too real.

Earth 2 #15

"Injustice's" Tom Taylor Takes Over "Earth in October - Comic Book Resources

Earth 2 #14

The bells of war ring loudly as Green Lantern, The Flash and Doctor Fate attack Steppenwolf head on--with the future of Earth 2 hanging in the balance.

Earth 2 #13

Earth 2 Regular Cover (Cover Artists: Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund) On Sale: