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a collage of photos with the words kiss, mary, friendzone, best friend, make out with
kiss jonah,marry Zach,friendzone corbyn(he has a gf), best friends with Daniel,make out with jack....or kiss Zach,marry Zach, make out with Zach be best friends with Zach and friend zone the rest
a collage of photos with the caption he said do u love me? i tell him only party, i only love my phone and why don't we'm sorry
Wait... I literally sang this to my friend the other day... I didn't see this meme before... Now I see it and I am in utter shock!!
four boys are standing together with the caption that says, what friend who's your favorite?
I mean it's more so, when they like a band for just one person. But yas like they all worked hard to get where they are.
a collage of pictures with the words picking music
Awww I remember when Daniel Seavey cried when he found out something different was going to be on the radio, they were all so grateful ❤️❤️❤️
three people standing in front of a white wall with black and white signs on it
I’m sure that everybody is looking at Zach. But I’m here looking a Jack. I mean, I see him lookin at the girl’s booty. Is that weird that I saw that?
two young men standing next to each other in front of a sign that says, when you are talking about some inside joke with your friends and someone who is not a part of it
This has happened to me and its like, Bish tf?! You can leave now. This dont involve you. Get. Out. Leave.
the four faces of one direction with two different words on each face, and an image of
Ahahahhhhhahhahahaha im dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
some people with different expressions and pictures on them, one is saying i say boom boom
WAYHOO!! (And btw, yes, these are the boys that I fell in love with)
a man with red glasses and suspenders is looking at the camera while using a computer
Great thing they all wear glasses it just mak them even cuter.
two men standing on top of a car while another man is taking a selfie
a person holding a wooden cross in front of a poster with the caption'i hate why don't we me? '
This is literally me bc some of my “friends” hate them and I want to kill them
why is this actually me?😂😂
why is this actually me?😂😂
a group of people standing on top of a basketball court
four different images of people with blue eyes and one has a knife in his hand
Why Dont We Preferences and Imagines - Cuddles
-1/6 WDWFS❤ -Queen of roastlandia and Relatablesonglandia -16 years old -Jonah Marais is bae -Jada is the re...