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I wish I fully had your love that came with the support a Queen should want to provide for her king. -woman** her**
Lizard by TheRustyBolt on Etsy
The Gorilla Gripper is the panel carrier that makes carrying plywood, drywall and other heavy sheet goods safe and easy on your joints. #affiliate
Make a very serviceable gas torch using a few simple plumbing parts.
An old WWII combat knife my friend picked up from an antiques dealer. The blade was a mess, and the hilt was cracked, split, and missing several leather....
Sun Watch - - - - Wearable sundial pendant watch is a modern twist on an ancient time piece . Uses the changing angle between sun and horizon to estimate the time . ​Note: Calibrated to work best at a latitude close to 40 degrees north . (Made by Shepherd's Watch)
For any builder, craftsman, and DIY-ers, you’ll know the tedious, repetitive measures and materials made from inaccurate cuts. It costs time, money and effort. What could’ve been a quick job, could turn into a very long one easily with these mistakes. With the General Tools: Angle-izer, this ultimate template tool will help prevent …
The Hydrant Water Storage System by Titan Ready USA: I first saw this system about 4 years ago and man alive did I covet it! Now I'm lucky to be the proud owner of one! Yes, this system makes water rotation much more convenient, but there are two things it does that go beyond convenience and I talk about them in this video!
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