Armand van Vuuren

Armand van Vuuren

Armand van Vuuren
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pallet wood chest

If you take a closed view, this DIY reclaimed wood pallet treasure chest may be an ever best option to digest the kids toys! Moreover, it will also lead you

I want a tattoo something like this in memory of a friend except I don't want those birds.

Flying bird and we only part to meet again quote tattoo on side body. I kinda love this. A lot of people come to mind that I can't wait to meet again.

feather tattoo

Coloured and black&white feathers tattoo. Love the black&white one, but also love the heart incorporated in the coloured feather.

Feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design Most of men and ladies both decide to wear the feather tattoos design to speak to their Native American legacy or to get in touch with their