Border War

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South African Defence Force Oil-giant Angola became embroiled in a war between South African forces and Communist forces who wanted Cold War supremacy. The Border War began in 1976 after Angola gained independence from its former-colonial power, Portugal, and continued until 1989 The conflict started as a power struggle between two former liberation movements, UNITA which South Africans took the side of and MPLA which had backing from Cuba, USSR and 10+ other nations

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The South African Buffel, the first effective MRAP ever designed (1978)

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South African (SADF) soldier with an FN MAG in Angola, late 1970's

South African (SADF) Recce's, Tony Viera on the right, 1980's

South African police officers, 1980's

SADF 32 Battalion soldiers firing a Vektor SS-77 in Pomfret, 1991

SADF Special Forces Recce candidates during selection, 1980's

South African (SADF) troops with their Vektor R4's during the Border War, mid 1980's

SADF Recce's (South African Special Forces), 1980's

SADF 5 Recce Special Forces Regiment, 1980's

South African 31/201 Battalion Recce wing operators, 1980's

32 Battalion soldier with his Galil during the Border War, Angola 1980's

South African (SADF) troops in a Buffel MRAP, Angola 1980's

Koevoet on ops in South West Africa, 1980's

SADF Recce's in Angola during the South African Border War, 1980's

SADF Recce operators during bike training, late 1980's

SADF Recce's in browns with Unimogs, 1980's