Sardine run

The sardine run of southern Africa occurs from May through July when billions of sardines move northward along the east coast of South Africa.
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dive-bombing gannets seen during South Africa's annual Sardine Run

Such a beautiful image - Birds diving for sardines during the sardine run off the east coast of South Africa, usually in June & July. A sight to behold!

Scuba diving with the great sardine run.


Watch hundreds of fish dart past during the Sardine Run, South Africa.

The sardine run of South Africa


Image: Shark chasing after sardines near Port St. Johns, South Africa, on July 2 (© Mark van Coller/Solent News)

A phenomenon known as the sardine run -- involving millions of the small fish swimming in formation as part of their annual migration -- may be one of the most alluring spectacles of the marine universe, and it was captured beautifully by renowned wildlife photographers Chris and Monique Fallows

African black-footed penguins taking advantage of the sardine run (Chris and Monique Fallows)

Shark Smiles After Big Meal During Sardine Run - PawNation

Shark Smiles After Big Meal During the South African Sardine Run - PawNation

Cormorants, dolphins and cape gannets join in on a sardine run in Eastern Cape, South Africa

The World Is Really Beautiful

The sardine run – Eastern Cape, South Africa During the annual migration of sardines, millions of the fish head north along the coast of South Africa, creating a feeding frenzy along the way. The migration occurs from May to July

'Gannet Attack' by Allen Walker taken in Sardine Run, Port St Johns, Transkei Wild Coast, South Africa.

Winning images from Oceans of Life Photographic Competition 2013

Third place: Gannet Attack by Allen Walker. Cape gannets dive into a ball of anchovies in the ocean near Port St Johns, just off South Africa’s famed Wild Coast Photograph: Allen D. Walker/BirdLife South Africa Oceans of Life photo competition 2013

The Sardine Run, South Africa

Sardine Run, South Africa The sardine run occurs from May to July every year, when billions of sardines move from cooler waters at Cape Point towards the East coast of South Africa. Groups of sardines.

Sardine run: dolphin


Mark van Coller, from Cape Town, travelled to Port St Johns to witness the event during the month of June Picture: Mark van Coller/Solent News

Nice Photo: whale eating sardines death amid a swarm of fish , South Africa

Nice Photo: whale eating sardines death amid a swarm of fish , South Africa

SARDINE RUN with Peter Lamberti

Sardine Run -- Episode 1 -- Greatest Shoal Unearthed with Peter Lamberti