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Aqeelah Beukes

Aqeelah Beukes
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Space-Saving Hacks To Maximize Your Small Kitchen

Use it in order to store books instead, therefore it isn’t wasted space. It’s the best method to use the space efficiently. In case you have a little space, this shelf is ideal! De-clutter relentlessly if you reside in a …

Fab Art DIY Upcycled Egg Carton Decorating Ideas and Tutorials01

DIY Upcycled Egg Carton Decorating Ideas and Tutorials, you will get amazed to transform unwanted egg cartons into creative wonders for your home

Paleo Egg Salad.  This was SOOOO amazing!  LOVED IT!

What a happy discovery! My tartar sauce is an amazing base for insanely flavorful egg salad! I was sooooo happy with how this turned out. The dill pickles and capers give it such a great crunch.