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L shape modern rustic desk made of reclaimed wood. Choose your size, finish, height

At the place of Urbanwoodgoods, you can get the reclaimed wood furniture for the modern home office. Environmental furniture for urban decor and sustainable urban living, custom desk and conference tables, wooden desk, wood desk and planks and much more.

How to say goodbye correctly

See you later Alligator In a while Crocodile Bye bye Butterfly Be sweet Parakeet Give a hug Ladybug See ya soon Raccoon Out the door Dinosaur Take care Polar Bear So long King Kong Blow a kiss Goldfish Toodle loo Kangaroo

Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom Infographic- I wish, wish, wish we could get computers and internet access for our students. Or at least a first period study hour that would complement a flipped classroom model.

TED-Ed | Network Theory - Marc Samet

From social media to massive financial institutions, we live within a web of networks. How does Googling a single word provide millions of