Engineering Apprenticeships

We showcase our engineering apprenticeships books that are specially developed to train and upgrade apprentices to become fully qualified artisans.
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Plumbing Trade Training Manual

Plumbing Apprenticeship Training Handbook is being prepared for the artisans.

Motor Vehicle Mechanic Trade Training Manual

Motor Induction Fire Drill and Behaviour Guidelines Vehicle Mechanic Body Electrics Units Magnetism Basic Electricity The Battery Alternator Circuit

Vehicle Body Repair Trade Training Manual

Vehicle Body Repairs Trade Training Manual Table of Contents Damage Assessment Crash Repairs Valeting Units Damage Assessment Crash Repairs

Tool Making Trade Training Manual

Tool Making Trade Training Manual

Sheet Metalwork Trade Training Manual

Sheet Metal Fundamentals Unit Marking Out & Cutting Folding & Joint Allowance (SAMPLES) Internal Cutting & Punching Filing, Drilling & Forming

Plastering Trade Training Manual

Plastering Slabbing, Rendering, Floating and Skimming Units Plastering Scudding Dots and Screeds Temporary Rules Floating to Dots and Screeds

Pipe Fitting Trade Training Manual

Pipe fitter apprenticeship handbook with modern techniques is a perfect book for you. Know from the basic techniques to interpret drawings

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