mHealth infographic

The European Commission launched a new application called which allows devices to monitor and collect data more efficiently. mHealth can be used on mobile devices, "Personal Digital Assistants", smart watches and other body-worn devices or implants.

UK iPad usage - cool info graphic

[Infographic] UK iPad usage, largest survey of ipad behavior

M-commerce growth in UK #indigital

'The Mobile Performance Landscape' infographic by Affiliate Window detailing m-commerce stats for Jan 2011 - June

Infographic - Mobile App Usage By The Numbers via Forbes

Mobile App Usage By The Numbers [Infographic]

How #Apps Are Taking Over the World

The rate at which mobile apps are changing the way we interact with the world is astounding. See their growth thus far and get a glimpse of where they

Smart Phones, Devoted Users: Attitudes and characteristics [Infographics] - Great Infograph

A Look at the Characteristics of Smartphone Users [Infographic

SmartPhones, Devoted Users Filed in Technology - The infographic Smart Phones, Devoted Users offers a look at the characteristics and attitudes of those that own a smart phone.