Vegetarian bunny chow! Most delicious lunch ever.

South African Bunny Chow – vegetarian version with Chickpeas. He's had it when he's been in South Africa.

Bunny Chow ~ combination of shrimp and chicken with a very spicy curry, but you can make bunny chow with any curry recipe you wish

Bunny Chow with Buttermilk Rusks . a South African meal of chicken and prawn curry served in bread bowls--leave out cinnamon

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Indiegogo: Crowdfund to make your Food idea a reality

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Bunnyyz Business a medium to support

Bunnyyz-Business a medium to support seeks help to re-locate and re-estalish

Bunnyyz-Bunny Chow Joint | Indiegogo

Indiegogo: Crowdfund to make your Food idea a reality