Crispin Korschen

Crispin Korschen

The Joy of Balancing on the Edge of Life (detail) - Crispin Korschen. Art-prints and cards available from

The Joy Of Balancing -xs by Crispin Korschen - prints

The Pull of the Sea - by Crispin Korschen. View a large range of her art-prints and cards at

After graduating from the Wellington School of Design in the late eighties, figurative artist Crispin Korschen began her career as a free lance illustrator.

Crispin Korschen... | Kai Fine Art

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Crispin Korschen "With the Birds"

Crispin Korschen "With the Birds"

Always Take the Weather With You - Crispin Korschen.

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Little Wings of Hope - by Crispin Korschen.

Wings Of Hope by Crispin Korschen - prints