Antonina Mamontov

Antonina Mamontov

Antonina Mamontov
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PHYSICAL: I strive to keep my physical appearance as natural as possible because I feel that nature is a miracle and should be celebrated, so your physical appearance should  look natural to celebrate the beauty of nature.

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PHYSICAL: Although I acknowledge the fact that nobody has a perfect physical appearance I like to focus my attention on the fact that everyone has something good about their physical appearance.

Body Image Cartoon: It's like me and my sister buying clothes: "It doesn't make you look fat! You are fat!" (that's our motivation process).

EMOTIONAL: Emotionally I am very wise for my age. I enjoy spreading my wisdom to other people.

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SPIRITUAL: Spiritually I am the type of person who believes that prayer is very powerful and is the key to changing the world.

Prayers should be the key in the morning and the lock at night. (or like my dear Mother-In-Law, Lilyan used to say: Tell God 'Good morning, Lord. Please be with me today.' & before you go to bed, tell Him,