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Antoinette Hayes
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Net how-to:  learn the "sheet bend" knot that will be used to make the net. First, make a loop in one of two ropes ...

A fishing net is made of a simple, open-weaved material of string or twine. You can make a fishing net by making simple knots in string to create the weave. Knotting your own fishing net enables you .

Make a tire swing

Tire swing - Popular Mechanics One Day Project: Kid's Backyard Tire Swing This tire swing project is easy to assemble and hang from a backyard tree branch. Even better, it's a great way to find a new life for a used motorcycle tire.

tire swing

Haven't thought landscaping yet, but with a whole acre there must be a kids part in there somewhere, this would go great :) Gotta get my hubby to start this one pronto! Ladybug tire swing - 18 Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts for Kids