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Low sugar high fibre rusk recipe - will replace the non-nutritive sweetener.

Low sugar high fiber rusks

I love rusks, but after you have made them a few times and realise how much sugar and fat go into them, you feel more and more guilty about eating them. I have experimented with many so called ‘healthy’ recipes and in my experience if you drop the fat content too much the rusks end up super hard. But I have successfully reduced the sugar in this recipe by 80% and added lots of fibre rich ingredients making it tummy friendly. And there is no compromise in flavour! The whole family will love…

Saad-en-neutbeskuit (seed and nut rusks) | Rainbow Cooking

Saad-en-neutbeskuit (seed and nut rusks)

Muesli-rusks - similar to Woollies rusks

Nourishing Muesli Rusks Recipe Easy Perfect for Tea Time

Nourishing and warming, especially with a cuppa tea or coffee!

Muesli-beskuit | SARIE | Muesli rusks


Gebruik 'n broodpan van sowat 18 cm x 8 cm. Ek sny gewoonlik my beskuit in stukke – dis net makliker

Health rusks - Good Housekeeping

Health rusks

‘I love these in the morning on the deck with a cup of coffee,’ Bob Skinstad – Sports Broadcaster and former International Rugby captain.


Yoghurt/Buttermilk Seed Rusks

Im always on the lookout for new rusk recipes, because it is safe to say that I totally love my rusks. When I started Banting I thought Id never eat another rusk in my life, but was lucky to find s…

Knars Gesondheid Beskuit | Boerekos – Kook met Nostalgie

Knars Gesondheid Beskuit – Boerekos – Kook met Nostalgie

Jy het nodig: 1 Kg Volkoringmeel 250 ml Klapper 200 ml Pitlose Rosyne 55 ml Bakpoeier 500 ml Suiker 250 ml Sonneblomolie 500 ml Koekmeel 500 ml Fyngedrukte Graanvlokkies 125 ml Sonneblomsaad 10 ml …

cranberry and cashew rusks - gluten free - Amanda In The Kitchen

cranberry and cashew rusks - gluten free - Amanda In The Kitchen


“LCHF” – Sweet Recipe Archive


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