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an oil painting of people walking down the street
Floris Arntzenius | Schilderijen vh. te Koop | Gravenstraat, Den Haag
Arntzenius P.F.N.J. | Pieter Florentius Nicolaas Jacobus 'Floris' Arntzenius, Gravenstraat, Den Haag, olieverf op paneel 32,0 x 23,7 cm
an abstract painting with black, white and grey colors on the bottom half of it
Tibor Nagy - gorgeous paintings!
After the Rain by Tibor Nagy was selected as a Finalist in the June 2012 Raymar Art Painting Competition.
a painting of people walking in front of a building with red lights on the windows
The Tibor Nagy Gallery
a man standing with his arms crossed in front of a black wall and wooden frame
Nagy Tibor | TouchofArt.eu
Photo of the Artist - Tibor Nagy. Biography "Why the landscapes are special to me ~ When I observe the land itself, the first thing that happens is that it evokes a feeling or mood in me. A while later I slowly start to explore colors, structures and other details in general. And this very first notion is what interests me the most; trying to capture the vitality and rich diversity of the scenery while concentrating on the emotional context which is crucial for me..."
an oil painting of a house by the water
"Wuzhen Canal 1 (Day 5)
Qiang-Huang - Wuzhen Canal 1 (Day 5)
a painting of an old building with snow on the ground and fenced in area
Tibor Nagy - Slumbering Yard- Oil - Painting entry - February 2012 | BoldBrush Painting Competition
Tibor Nagy
an oil painting of a window in a black and white room
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Tibor Nagy
an oil painting of a city street at dusk
Tibor Nagy Art