JH Pierneef

In 1929 Pierneef was commissioned by the South African Railways to produce thirty-two panels to be displayed in the concourse of the then new Park Station in Johannesburg. On 26 November 1932 the panels were unveiled

Pierneef - he was, in my opinion, one of the greatest South African artists

J H Pierneef. One of the best South African Artists in history and known for his specific landscape style.

Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef ~ 1886-1957 ~ Beloved, South Africa Artist ~

Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef - painted landscape to the virtual exclusion of everything else. He developed a very distinctive style: Title: may be called Okahandja (this is so similar to linocut with that name).

Jacobus Hendrik (Henk) Pierneef: (usually referred to as Pierneef) (13 August 1886 Pretoria – 14 November 1957 Pretoria),[1] was a South African landscape artist, generally considered to be one of the best of the old South African masters. His distinctive style is widely recognized and his work was greatly influenced by the South African landscape.

Jacobus Hendrik (Henk) Pierneef: (usually referred to as Pierneef) August…