The Yatch Mall, Durban, South Africa

Panorama photographed from wilson's wharf in Durban. The original stictch was much longer and had some grass towards the bottom of the frame which is *almost* cropped out here.

The streets of Johannesburg in South Africa.

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South Africa

South Africa,Southern,Wanderlust

Umhlanga Lighthouse & Durban Skyline

Lighthouse,South Africa

Panoramic HDR Nelson Mandela Statue, Pretoria Union Building

Pretoria,Nelson Mandela,South Africa,Statues

Johannesburg Cityscape

New York to Johannesburg on South African is miles and 16 hours

Johannesburg - City of Gold

Johannesburg City,South Africa


On the George to Knysna line in South Africa, a 24 class trundles over the river bridge at Wilderness during May