Scott Thompson

A amazing album of Antelope Park from a great photographer, Scott Thompson
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an elephant with its trunk in the air
Loving the feeling of the soil..
a gray and white cat sitting in front of some yellow vases
Kitty, part of the big family!
a man standing next to an elephant in a field with tall grass and other elephants behind him
Walking with the elephants,,an incredible experience!
a baby lion drinking milk from a bottle held by someone's hand in black and white
Baby feeding
black and white photograph of a cat on someone's leg with another cat in the background
Growing up..
a woman kneeling down next to a lion in the dark with her head on it's back
A walk with the lions, an experience not to be missed!
a man in green shirt hugging a horse
beautiful horses
a white lion sitting on top of a tree branch in a black and white photo
Tree climbing
Giving back to the communities. Giving Back, Couple Photos
Giving back to the communities.
two baby lions playing with each other on a blanket next to a small camera flash
Play time for the little ones.
a baby lion laying on top of a lush green field
I can do it! Enjoy interacting with the amazing and sweet little cubs
a lion sitting on top of a tree branch
where else in the world?
a lion yawns while another stands in the background
roaring with pride!