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For the Fun of It ~ This *Bear Believes It is better to Lasso that Sucker. This Grizzly makes a Plea! Please, Forget The Right to *Bear Arms, The Second Amendment, altogether! ~ It could make the *Bear Population, Extinct !

Yes...those are fish...

Three's a company! These adorable Coastal Brown Bear cubs were spotted taking a dip at Lake Clark, Alaska. Talk about real life teddy bears! (photo: Mac Danzig) by christian

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FLOWERBEAR Brown bear (ursus arctos) middle of cotton flower meadow. Finland, by Niko Pekonen

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laurajaworski: “(via Young grizzlies hitch a lift across deep water on their mother’s back) ”

Our Beautiful World — Grizzly Cub Waving Hello! By AlaskaFreezeFrame

These Jaw-Dropping Photo Manipulations Imagine A World With Giant Animals - UltraLinx