ann teige

ann teige

south afriaca / Interested in art, cats, and patchwork , diy crafts, also vintage décor .
ann teige
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I ❤ kitties . . . Maine Coon cat . . . ❤ this breed, it is just gorgeous !!!

Merribelle, MAINE COON CAT "It is with the approach of Winter that cats wear their richest fur and assume an air of sumptuous and delightful opulence.

Anticipation by Katherine Richmond on More

Riverheart: Rank: WaveClan Warrior Alive or Dead: Dead Cause of Death: Drowned, while bleeding to death slender siamese she-cat with big blue eyes

Мейн-кун - Maine Coon(via victor-vanskij)

[Мейн-кун] * * Maine Coon: Wif a name likes mine, wut could anyones do but spend allz day in a smalls room wif a loaded cross-bow pointed at de door?

cybergata: affe 3_30nov12 by lwordish2010 on Flickr. Via Flickr: My cat Alfrida out on a walk. She is a Norwegian forest cat.

Norwegian Forest Cats are closely related to the Siberian cat, and the Norwegian Forest cat shares many of its characteristics. It is said that these cats were introduced by Vikings around 1000 AD.