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Interactive Lowercase Alphabet Notebook

I’m so happy to tell you guys my Uppercase Interactive Alphabet Notebook has been in the TPT Top 100 for the past 6 weeks! Out of over 850 products, this is my first product to…

Solving B-D Letter Reversal Problems

Solving B-D Letter Reversal Problems -- this will be another great visual for helping my young students who are confusing b and d. It also suggests using a different font to differentiate the letters which would be a great idea for when writing, too.

Blessed with Boundless Energy ~ tools and tips to help an active and energetic child -"Help him channel this energy positively and teach him how to have self control when he needs to put his high activity level away." Lots of pictures. Christian based. Positive acceptance of individual differences.

Blessed with Boundless Energy ~ tools and tips to help an active and energetic child, especially helpful for a homechooling family.

Superman/Super Woman-prone extension - Copyright

This is the prone extension, meaning that a student lies on their belly. This can help get neck muscles to move.