Baby Rooibos Moist Silky Soap 4.22 oz (120g)

A safe and light fragrant body soap for babies, children and even for adults. Annique Baby Moist Silky Soap is a soft, hypo-allergenic soap for a sensitive skin

Baby Rooibos - Fabric Softner 35.2 fl oz (1l)

Perfect for sensitive skin Sometimes the restlessness and irritation of children and babies are due to an allergic reaction to the softeners and detergents used

Baby Rooibos - Fabric Detergent 35.2 fl oz (1l)

Annique Baby Fabric Softener and Detergent infuse bed linen and washing with the hypoallergenic qualities of Rooibos extract bringing relief to skin irritation.

Baby Rooibos - Baby Lotion 7.04 fl oz (200ml)

With Rooivos Extract, anti-allergic Moisturiser for babies and adults.

Baby Rooibos - Gironkey & Friends Bubble Bath 17.59 fl oz (500ml)

Naturally, you want what is best for your little ones and with Annique’s unique Baby Range, you c

Hip-Oh! Soap 4.41 oz (125g)

Who can resist this fat, fun orange Hip-Oh? Soap bar lets your child’s imagination run wild, to enjoy splashing and just having fun during their bath ti

Baby Rooibos 100g (40 sachets)

Replace juices or water with the Rooibos Baby tea for an anti-allergic and nutritional supplementary drink.