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cranberry and carrot birde treats

Einstein enjoying his birdie treat. 1 cup whole grain flour (garbanzo, quinoa, buckwheat or spelt flours) cup dry oats cup wheat germ cup millet cup ground flax seed 2 tbsp cinnamon.

Recipe for a bird cage cleaner you can mix at home. Try this simple, economical solution that'll help keep your bird's cage a clean and healthy environment.

Make easy homemade bird cage cleaner, parrot poop off, natural safe DIY dropping remover, no steam needed. (Read the pin to learn to make this all-natural cleaner for birdcages.

Great site for TONS of bird friendly recipes.

The Healthy Bird Cookbook Birds Height: in. Manufactured by: TFH Publications Seller SKU: 201500013375 The Healthy Bird Cookbook

Acceptable berries

My bird love talking with me he is such a cute parrot ( Indian ring-neck parrot) Training my ring-neck parrot bird to talk new words ring-neck are really good

Dried Papaya: No particular brand; most parrots just seem to love it as a treat!

Great Companions Dried Papaya provides a deliciously chewy treat for birds of all sizes. Feed it to your bird alone as a flavorful snack or combine with other g

Phone books. Parrots just love to chew paper, and anything they can sink their beaks into.

Phone books make great chewing for parrots. Unwanted paperback books are great too.

Potty train your African Grey!

Have you tried potty training your child and it just isn't going well? Some children fight every potty training attempt you will make, while other children are